2021 Breeding plans

DATEDoes Buck KidsNotes
Winter 2021Five-Points O Nosey Rosey Furry DesertNanny lines. Good milker prospects. Polled and blue eyes possible.
Winter Five-Points P Tilt A WhirlFurry Blue eyes possible.
WinterFive-Points GL Marsala Furry Good milker prospects. Blue eyes possible, wattles probable.
WinterFive-Points Haily BerryFurry Linebreeding on DesertNanny BH Hailstorm. Blue eyes possible.
Winter Five-Points EOT LollapalauzaFurry Balanced body capacity, good milkers, blue eyes possible.
Winter Five-Points E HoneybellFurry Great body capacity. Polled blue eyes possible. good Milkers.
Winter SG Buttin’Heads MVY MaszachusettsPapa retaining all Very light linebreeding on PromisedLand Palbo Abednego.
Winter Five-Points Looney TunesPapa Dairy and flat boned. Good milkers.
Winter Five-Points Fancy As HailPapa Exciting doe, body capacity galore. Blue eyes possible.
Winter Five-Points Hail MaryPapa Should be excellent teat size. Refined flat boned doe.
Spring 2021Five-Points E HoneybellFurry polled blue eyed doe, retained, wether sold Good first freshening.
Spring Five-Points D’AL MargueriteFurry single doe, "BBQ" retained Good first freshening.
Spring Five-Points T2S Hello KittyPapa twin bucks, wethers, sold Kitty is now retired.
Five-Points E Cara CaraPapa Buck doe twins, Doe kid retained, wether sold. Good first freshening.
Five-Points GL MarsalaPapa Doe kid - "Poot", retainedMarsala is such a joy to milk.
Five-Points EOT LollapalauzaPapa twin bucks, one retained, other wether availableFreshened really great.
Five-Points Sirius Intrigue Papa buck doe twins, buck sold as wether. Doe "Ouija" retained. Blueberry made lovely kids again.
Mishka Papa twin does. One retained, .......?Freshened great, very promising doe.