Five-Points Farm
Indian Trail, NC and Gregory, MI

LaMancha Dairy Goats
Located in Indian Trail, NC

LaMancha Does

CH S-Stock Exchange Elara VVE+85
(CH Shamys TU Excel EEE 90 x SG CH S-Stock Exchange CL Chai EEEE 91)

Elara's page
Photo credit to S-Stock Exchange LaManchas. Born 3/9/08. PB.

Critter Capers Yahoo
(Little Orchard TM Prospect *B x Busy-B&D Kerry's Black Beauty)

  Yahoo's page
  Born 4/12/08. Yahoo came to us from Critter Capers Farm in Spring Hope, NC, in April 2011. PB. 
Irish Whisper HPU Gucci
(Autumn-Acres Hanky Panky Up x Irish Whisper Devil Wears Prada VVV+ 85

Gucci's page
Born 3/10/11, Gucci came to us from Irish Whisper Farm in Fowlerville, MI, in May  2011. 3rd generation AM.

Irish Whisper HPU Adrienne
(Autumn-Acres Hanky Panky Up x Irish Whisper Miss Vivienne)
Adrienne's page
Born 4/12/11, Adrienne came to us from Irish Whisper Farm in Fowlerville, MI, in May, 2011. 3rd generation AM. 


Little Orchard KS Smooth Penny
(Kastdemur Smooth Sensation x SG CH Little Orchard TF Penny Candy 10*M EEEE 92)

Smoo's page
Born 3/11/12, PB. 

The TIG Shellis Solaris Blast
(Mint*Leaf Belthazar Blast x Autumn-Acres Mint Merlot)

Blast's page
Born 3/11/13, first generation American.

  Woo Hoo! Pearl
(Possum Hollow King Midas x Far Out Janis Joplin)

Pearl's page
Polled, born 3/16/13, PB.
Five-Points C A-D's Lady
(S-Stock Exchange Crescendo x Irish Whisper Adriene)
  Lady's page
   Born 3/18/13, PB.
Five-Points C Yahtzee
(S-Stock Exchange Crescendo x Critter Capers Yahoo)

Yahtzee's page
    Born 4/25/13, PB. Available to a pet home for $150, located in NC.

Five-Points (name pending)
Autumn Acres Double Dare Ya x Five-Points C A-D's Lady

Born 3/18/15, PB.
Five-Points (name pending)
Autumn Acres Double Dare Ya x Irish Whisper HPU Gucci  

Born 5/10/15, PB.


Our LaMancha Bucks

Autumn-Acres Double-Dare Ya

(Kastdemur's Up & Atom *B EEE 91 x CH Kastdemur's Dew U Dare EEEE 92)

Born 3/4/10, PB. Available $500, located in NC.
Doobie's page


Karydairy CF Emeritus *B
(Calico Fields DD Dreamcatcher x Quixote Bokay)

Polled, born 2/22/14.
Em's page

Calico Fields White Knight *B
(Raintree EL MacDoogle *B x SG Calico Fields OL Charlotte 2*M)
Polled, born 12/24/15.  Knight's page.

Calico Fields CT Caesar
(J & R LaManchas Cholat Thundr *B x Calico Field CAD Katniss V+VV 85 (ff))

Polled, born 3/11/15. Caesar's page.



Raising quality registered LaMancha and Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats in Indian Trail, NC. 

Member AGS & ADGA

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