Five-Points Farm
Indian Trail, NC and Gregory, MI

LaMancha Dairy Goats
Located in Indian Trail, NC

LaMancha Does

CH S-Stock Exchange Elara VVE+85
(CH Shamys TU Excel EEE 90 x SG CH S-Stock Exchange CL Chai EEEE 91)

Elara's page
Photo credit to S-Stock Exchange LaManchas. Born 3/9/08. PB.

Critter Capers Yahoo
(Little Orchard TM Prospect *B x Busy-B&D Kerry's Black Beauty)

  Yahoo's page
  Born 4/12/08. Yahoo came to us from Critter Capers Farm in Spring Hope, NC, in April 2011. PB. 
Irish Whisper HPU Gucci
(Autumn-Acres Hanky Panky Up x Irish Whisper Devil Wears Prada VVV+ 85

Gucci's page
Born 3/10/11, Gucci came to us from Irish Whisper Farm in Fowlerville, MI, in May  2011. 3rd generation AM.

Irish Whisper HPU Adrienne
(Autumn-Acres Hanky Panky Up x Irish Whisper Miss Vivienne)
Adrienne's page
Born 4/12/11, Adrienne came to us from Irish Whisper Farm in Fowlerville, MI, in May, 2011. 3rd generation AM. 

The Five-Points Chicky

Chicky's page
Born 2011, Chicky is an ADGA registered Native on Appearance LaMancha.


Little Orchard KS Smooth Penny
(Kastdemur Smooth Sensation x SG CH Little Orchard TF Penny Candy 10*M EEEE 92)

Smoo's page
Born 3/11/12, PB. 

The TIG Shellis Solaris Blast
(Mint*Leaf Belthazar Blast x Autumn-Acres Mint Merlot)

Blast's page
Born 3/11/13, first generation American.

  Woo Hoo! Pearl
(Possum Hollow King Midas x Far Out Janis Joplin)

Pearl's page
Polled, born 3/16/13, PB.
Five-Points C A-D's Lady
(S-Stock Exchange Crescendo x Irish Whisper Adriene)
  Lady's page
   Born 3/18/13, PB.
Five-Points C Yahtzee
(S-Stock Exchange Crescendo x Critter Capers Yahoo)

Yahtzee's page
    Born 4/25/13, PB.



Our LaMancha Bucks
A note on the buck pen - in 2015 we are adding 3 polled LaMancha bucks, and we will need to make room for them. If you would like to be notified when Crescendo or Doobie become available for sale please email me.

Autumn-Acres Double-Dare Ya

(Kastdemur's Up & Atom *B EEE 91 x CH Kastdemur's Dew U Dare EEEE 92)

Born 3/4/10, PB.
Doobie's page

S-Stock Exchange Crescendo

(S-Stock Exchange Crash x S-Stock Exchange D Harmony VEEV 89)

Crescendo's page
Born 3/6/11. PB

Karydairy CF Emeritus *B
(Calico Fields DD Dreamcatcher x Quixote Bokay)

Polled, born 2/22/14.
Em's page

Calico Fields White Knight *B
(Raintree EL MacDoogle *B x SG Calico Fields OL Charlotte 2*M)
Polled, born 12/24/15.  Knight's page.

Calico Fields CT Caesar
(J & R LaManchas Cholat Thundr *B x Calico Field CAD Katniss)

Polled, born 3/11/15. Photo credit to Raintree Dairy Goats.
Caesar's page.



Raising quality registered LaMancha and Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats in Indian Trail, NC. 

Member AGS & ADGA

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