Shere Country ST Albert

Coming in Oct, 2017, Shere Country ST Albert born 3/24/14; nice little linebred buck on MI Sugar Creek lines at 12.6%; linebred on CH AGS Sugar Creek ST Tumble Weed 2*M, ARMCH/GCH Sugar Creek Nate’s Patience 1*M/*D ‘E’, and Sugar Creek’s SS Stormtrooper *S. Along with our buck Kyeema Ridge Archer, Albert has Sugar Creek lines that we can linebreed on. We’ve long admired the udders and milking ability of the Sugar Creek animals and are happy to add the genetics where possible.


Udders behind Albert.



1)Dam: photo credit to Old Mountain Farm.

2 Sire’s dam Credit Gale Putcher (?)

3) Half sister credit to Grasse Acres

4 )Half sister credit to Five-Points

5) grandam Narcissus, photo credit to Old Mountain Farm

Albert’s Pedigree: