Buttin’Heads Diamond Nicklace


Diamond is linebred on Buttin’Heads Zip of Champagne *S, but we like her for her length, depth of body, and her wide rump that was able to pass a giant kid with her head turned back – and we still have that kid, Pancetta


Here is Diamond just eating hay and being beautiful, she can’t help it, 2013.

Show Wins

Show  Judge  Win
2011 WV State Fair
E. Cavanaugh
 GCH Jr.
 2012 Cuyahoga County Fair  T. Rash  Res Sr, CH.

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I recently found these in her album, I’ll guess that is an overnight fill and a month or two into lactation. Second freshening.


Retained progeny:
Five-Points Panini and Pancetta



Buttin'Heads Diamond Nicklace

sire's sire: Buttin' Heads ChamaeleonSire's grandsire: Buttin'Heads Zip of Champagne *S
Sire:Buttin' Heads Nickelodeon
MCH Buttin'Heads Caribou
sire's dam:GCH Buttin' Heads Black Iredsh Rose 2*MSire's grandsire: Buttin'Head Galziping Ghost *S
Sire's granddam: ARMCH Buttin'Heads Wedding Song 3*D
Dam's sire: Velvet Acres Profiteroledam's grand sire: MK Rabbah MR
dam: GCH Buttin'Heads Proudite *M VG 87
dam's grand dam: MCH Tupence Chocolate Eclair
Dam's dam:CH Buttin'Heads Meercsham Pipegreat grand sire: Buttin'Heads Zip of Champagne *S

great grand dam: ARMCH Buttin'Heads Habanera 4*D E90