Five-Points O Cygnet

Born 3/11/17. Parents:  (*B DesertNanny S Onaway x Five-Points PL Irma La Duce). Her full ADGA pedigree. A Video 1 of her having a bottle, Video 2 of her nibbling. Cygnet shares lineage with Twiglets, Oolong, Darjeeling, and Pickpocket through Doe-Sy-Doe AP Sandstorm.  Cygnet shares lineage with Sobrina, Onaway, Pia, Rosey, and Cygnet through DesertNanny AB Napoleon XO and DesertNanny BR Tia Maria.

Below, udder behind Cygnet,  sire’s dam’s ff udder.

Sire’s dam’s udder, photo credit to DesertNanny Nigerian Dwarf Goats in AZ.


Cygnet’s pedigree