Five-Points O Rosey

Born 1/30/17. Polled. Rosey shares lineage with Sobrina, Onaway, Pia, and Cygnet through DesertNanny AB Napoleon XO and DesertNanny BR Tia Maria.


Rose shown not quite full and milked out. Rose is a first freshener, was 2 months fresh with 2 kids on her and never been milked, 24 hr fill (needed longer but we needed the stall), produced 2 cups. Soft udder texture, fast milking orifices.


Below, udders behind Rosey, dam’s ff udder and sire’s dam’s ff udder.

Sire’s dam’s udder, photo credit to DesertNanny Nigerian Dwarf Goats in AZ.


Rosey’s pedigree

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