Halcyon Hills (tbd) milking doe

Halcyon Hill (tbd)

(photo of doe kid)

Born February 23, 2018. This doe kid is 37.5% LaMancha, 37.5% Nigerian Dwarf, and 25% Nubian. She is a homestead milker, and a foundation doe for our home milker line of goats we will be making available. The combination of Nigerian Dwarf, LaMancha, and Nubian means she will have a higher production than a Nigerian Dwarf, be smaller than a standard sized milk goat, be an easier keeper than a standard, and have the high butterfat component needed for cheese making and home creamery use. Her dam Bluebell is a 3rd generation Nubian-Nigerian Dwarf cross. Her sire is 75% LaMancha and 25% Nigerian Dwarf. Her sire’s dam Penny, was milking 1 gallon a day, once a day, and was able to hold a lactation 3 years(!) long without rebreeding. Holding a long lactation is important to us. 


(photo of Bluebell)

Here is her dam Bluebell, 3rd generation Mini-Nubian.


(photos of Bluebell’s udder)

This is bluebell’s udder filled overnight, 4 weeks fresh.