Michigan Farm 2018


Purebred Nigerian Dwarf goats and Homestead Milkers at Five-Points North in Gregory, Michigan. Contact us at our Facebook page or fivepointsfarm55@gmail.com or lisaemigturner@earthlink.net

Our Homestead Milker project is located in Gregory, MI and should be up and running 2019-2020. The goats will incorporate Saanen, LaMancha, Nubian, Nigerian Dwarf and Myotonic genes. Nigerian Dwarf goats for butterfat and an easier keeping milker. Myotonic genes for a dual purpose meat/milker and parasite resistance.  These goats will simply be strong mid-sized milkers from a disease free farm.

DISEASE TESTING:  Farm is free of CL. Negative labwork for Johne’s and CAE in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 through Michigan State University DCPAH and WADDL. Blood pulled and mailed by our veterinarian.

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Farm Updates & Announcements.

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Our goals for our Homestead Milkers & Nigerian Dwarf does:

*A productive mammary system that lasts the life of the doe.
*Width of rump structure for kidding ease.
*Body capacity.
*Resistance to parasites.
*Independent kidding and mothering ability.
* A sweet delicious milk for table and cheese.
*Good temperament.


Bucks here in Gregory, MI, by age


DesertNanny S Onaway *B


 Registered Nigerian Dwarf buck. DesertNanny S Onaway *B, (DesertNanny Tio Sebastian *B x DesertNanny Y Amarosa *M) Born 2/18/16.  Pictured here at 1.4 years old, tiny little guy. Measured 21″ tall 2.5 years of age.   Onaway’s page.  Negative CAE and Johne’s Nov 2017 through WADDL. Arrived wild but is sweet and tame now, a naturally good temperament I am seeing in his progeny.   Available for $400.


Henry from PhoenixDown Farm (Polled)

Mini-Nubian buck, Born 4/9/17, 62.5% Nigerian and 37.5% Nubian, polled and moonspotted.  Henry’s page. Sire is  Caprine Acres Silver Moon  and dam’s dam is Patch of Pines Augite Tyme . On his dam’s side he is bred on Kastdemur lines and his sire’s side Kaapio and Rosasharn. CAE and Johne’s negative May 2018 WADDL. Henry was a little over 23.5 inches at 1.4 yrs of age. (Out on lease).


          Five-Points T Apache Tomcat

ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarf buck. Born 2/28/18, Tomcat is out of Desertnanny P Sobrina Bella, sired by Zanzabeez EO Toga Party. Available for $250.



Buck kid born 2/16/18, he is 50% Myotonic and 50% Nigerian Dwarf. Bert’s sire is from In The Loop Fainters Farm in Middleville, MI; his dam was a registered Nigerian Dwarf from all Sugar Creek lines. Bert’s page. (Out on lease)


Five-Points O Avanti April Ice (polled)

Avanti was born 4/14/18, ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarf polled buck kid. Parents: DesertNanny S Onaway x Wooly Dog Down Esther Rose.


Five-Points A Pepe Le Pew (polled) (name pending)

(Kyeema Ridge Archer x Five-Points PL Irma La Douce) Born 5/8/18. Polled Nigerian Dwarf buck. Available without papers for $75.


does here in Gregory, MI


 Wooly Dog Down Esther Rose (polled)


ADGA Registered Nigerian Dwarf. Born 6/28/14, polled. Parents: (Wood Bridge Farm Creighton x Alpenglade Farm Calico Rose +VVV86). Her full ADGA pedigree.    Esther’s page.  A short video of her goofing off. Exceptional high, wide udder on this doe! Negative for CAE and Johne’s Feb. 2016 MSU. (to WDD)


 DesertNanny P Sobrina Bella

Registered Nigerian Dwarf. Born 2/2/16. Parents:
(DesertNanny XO Tio Pepe x GCH MCH DesertNanny BR Tia Alexandria 3*M/4*D EVEV90) Born 2/2/16. Full ADGA pedigreeSobrina’s page.  A short video of her. Excellent wide rump. Negative for CAE and Johne’s Nov 2017 WADDL. Kidded 2/28/18 first freshening, single buck.  Available for $500.


Spinning Spider CO HiJinx (Tempo Passa Win-Catchin’ On x SG Spinning Spider Lady’s A Tramp FS89 VEEE @ 02-05), American Saanen, born 6/30/16.   CAE negative February 2018. Jinx’s page.


 Island City Fainting Goats Vie FPF

Vie is a blue silver doe, born 4/13/17, registered with MGR. Parents: (Mulberry Meadow’s Zeus x Little Prairie Acres Sassafrass) CAE and Johne’s negative May 2018. Vie’s page. Available for $300.


Sparkling Creek Toffees Tamale

Born 4/11/17 Recorded Grade LaMancha. Her ADGA pedigree. Tamale’s page. Available for $200


Winnie from Halcyon Hill Farm

Winnie was born 2/23/18  and came to us from Halcyon Hill Farm in Hillsdale, MI. Winnie is 37.5% LaMancha, 37.5% Nubian, 25% Nigerian Dwarf. She has blue eyes and adorable elf ears. Dam tested negative for CAE March 2018.  Winnie’s page.


Five-Points T Vandal (polled)

Born 2/28/18 Polled doe kid. Parents: Zanzabeez EO Toga Party x  Five-Points P Pickpocket  . Vandal’s page. Available for $300.


For Sale in Gregory, Michigan


The Glidden Farms Thumbelina (aka Belle)

Belle (The Mankel’s Sven AT GLDF x Sparkling Creek Lady Natessa) DOB 4/17/16. Recorded Grade Experimental LaMancha doe, black and cream sundgau. First freshening, Freshened 1/31/18, was producing 3/4 gallon per day milking twice a day. Dried her in June due to my illness, was milking strong 1/2 gallon once a day. CAE negative Nov 2016, Nov 2017, and March 2018 for CAE and Johne’s. ADGA pedigree. Sold to Jill Buchholz.


JFritz Chardonnay (aka Donna)


Donna (Autumn-Acres Journeys Tale x Spicy-Acres Sugar Cookie),  Born 2/22/17.  Yearling chamoisee doeling, purebred LaMancha.  CAE Negative 11/2017, and March 2018 for CAE and Johne’s.  ADGA pedigree. Sold to Jill Buchholz.


Five-Points S Rooibee Red

Born 5/18/14, registered Nigerian Dwarf. (Doe-Sy-Doe AP Sandstorm x Wooly Dog Down Chamomile). Rooibee’s page. Going to Lazy Hills Farm in Hillsdale.


Five-Points PL Irma La Douce

Born 7/25/15, registered Nigerian Dwarf. (Five-Points AL Papa Legba x Five-Points S Rooibee Red) Irma’s page. Going to Lazy Hills Farm in Hillsdale, MI.


White Lotus JR Cocobean (aka Beanie)


Born 5/11/16. Incorporates Rosasharn, Buttin’Heads and a drop of Sugar Creek. Beanie’s page. Doe lease to Halcyon Hill Farm.

Five-Points T Lawless

Born 2/28/18 polled doe kid, photo credit to Lazy Hills Goat & Hobby Farm. Parents: Zanzabeez EO Toga Party x Five-Points P Pickpocket.  Gregory MI. Sold. Going to Lazy Hill Farm in Hillsdale, MI!



Apple was born April 2017, she is cream red roan. Her breeding is half Saanen, and the rest likely includes Nubian going by her airplane ears and butterfat all over the milk jars.  She came here 3/14/18 as a 10 month old first freshener producing 1/2 gallon per day.   Freshened about 2/22/18, will dry her now to let her grow more.  CAE and Johne’s negative 3/29/17 WADDL, blood pulled and sent in by my veterinarian. Sold, went to Halcyon Hill Farm in Hillsdale.


Five-Points BS Martha’s Vnyd


Born 5/10/15  (Five-Points T2S Bering Sea x SG Buttin’Heads MVY Maszachusetts). Available (in Michigan) for sale after kidding. Sold going to MH5T Farm in SC.  Vinny’s page


Five-Points T Ellipsis Jetpack (Polled)

ADGA registered polled Nigerian Dwarf buck. Born 2/28/18. Jetpack is out of Five-Points P Pickpocket , sired by Zanzabeez EO Toga Party. Retaining his sister. Sold to Amanda Coutcher.


Five-Points P Pickpocket (polled)


Registered Nigerian Dwarf. Born 3/12/16, polled.  Parents: (CH Buttin’Heads Pandemonium VVV87 x Wooly Dog Down CJ Eyre VEVV87 @ 02-09). Extraordinary level, wide rump on this young doe. Full ADGA pedigree.   Pickpocket’s page.   A short video of her. Negative for CAE and Johne’s Nov 2017. Sold Went to Lazy Hills Farm in Hillsdale, MI


Five-Points Ona Ahnamatopoeia (polled)

Registered Nigerian Dwarf. Born 12/13/16, polled, white with red roan spots. Parents: (*B DesertNanny S Onaway x Wooly Dog Down Ahnahstahzyahs VEEV 89). Pia’s page. Pia is sold and has moved to Halcyon Hill Farm in Hillsdale, MI.


DesertNanny P HalfMoonHunter


Hunter (DesertNanny XO Tio Pepe x DesertNanny BE Summer Solstice) Born 2/18/16. +VV 84 @ 01-03. Hunter’s page. Available for $450


Spinning Spider AN Bon Vivant *B

Born 4/14/18, American Saanen. Parents: (CH Noble-Springs SET Anubis *B x Spinning Spider Catch BonJour 5*M V+EV86 @ 02-02). His dam went to 2018 Nationals. She was 9th in the 3yo Milker Class (of 21), and she was a member of the 4th place Dairy Herd. Ant’s page. Currently at Halcyon Hill Farm.


2019 breeding chart


DoeBuckDate bred & dueKids & price
Wooly Dog Down EstherFive-Points T Apache Tomcat bred 8/5/18 - Registered Nigerian Dwarf breeding. retaining whatever lol
VieEdbert Bred 7/15/18retaining a silver doe. Myo/Nigerian mix homestead grade milkers
DesertNanny P Sobrina Bella
Five-Points O Avanti April Ice (polled registered Nigerian Dwarf) fall 2018Registered Nigerian Dwarf goats. Polled possible. Retaining polled buck.
TamaleHenrywinterHomestead goats. LaMancha/Nubian/Nigerian cross. polled possible
JinxHenrywinterHomestead goats. Saanen/Nubian/Nigerain cross. Polled possible.