Red Silkie Chicken Project short

Developing a dark red Silkie in Gregory, MI

This is a new project, we are not up to speed and have no red Silkies for sale. This page is just so you can see the progression


Sept 2018 – We have added two bantam RIR roosters to accelerate the dark red we are trying to get in our Silkies. We will begin hatching these 1st gen cross’ eggs in spring of 2019. These RIR bantams were shipped in from James Atkins, the mohawk line from late Bob Blosi. Great quality to start off with.

We will also be incorporating colored egg genetics into the red Silke project!


 The grow out coops, installed 2016.


IMG_2933The project begins fall 2016. These eggs are now my buff Silkies, turned out to be 3 hens and 3 roos.

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