Red Silkie Chicken Project

Developing a dark red Silkie in Gregory, MI

This is a new project, we are not up to speed and have no red Silkies for sale. This page is just so you can see the progression


Sept 2018 – We have added two bantam RIR roosters to accelerate the dark red we are trying to get in our Silkies. We will begin hatching these 1st gen cross’ eggs in spring of 2019. These RIR bantams were shipped in from James Atkins, the mohawk line from late Bob Blosi. Great quality to start off with.

We will also be incorporating colored egg genetics into the red Silke project!


We have 2 young grow outs from Sno-Co Silkies in WA. We ordered 6 eggs from them. Of the 6 eggs she sent, 3 hatched. They are looking good- good form, nice topknots, normal to slow smut. This is them in Nov 2018.


August 2018: 2nd generation pullets, one silkie feathered and one smooth feathered. Of all the chicks hatched I chose only these 2 to keep, as they were the darkest color. Breeding them back to Tang for a tight linebreeding.


March 2018. Our dark buff Silkie rooster Tang now has a batch of chicks about to hatch. These will be 2nd generation Silkie-Cochin crosses. Soon we’ll see what feathering we get and color will show up in the summer or fall.


12/25/17 Year 2 starts – The players and what we are accomplishing.


These girls are 1st gen Cochin/Silkie crosses, and you can see the one full blooded buff Silkie hen, she is a real beauty. I have about 10 hens to choose from, and I picked the best two for Tang to breed. I hope there will be fertile eggs this spring – if so, that will be gen 2 for 2018! Tang is such a mild girly roo. ugh. Hope the testosterone kicks in.


Early Dec 2017 Tang arrives from FL

Ty new buff Silkie rooster (Tang), much darker than the previous rooster so this should speed the process. Arrived here 12/7/17 sick, so his butt is tucked and he looks like a little owl. You can make out that beautiful full topknot before I trimmed it. He had to come in the house for a week for coccidia treatment.  That perked him right up. Traveling from FL was rough!   To offset his faults like smut, he has black eyes, blue black skin, well spaced 5 toes on both feet, a glorious topknot (that I trimmed off) and pretty turquoise earlobes! Until I cut if off he had a massive topknot pouf – magnificent topknot but it was so big he couldn’t see and the hens were picking on him! I’m very proud of him.


The first generation (Cochin x Silkie) pullets are getting darker orange as they age. One has laid the FIRST EGG this week (12/1/17).


I have a buff silkie rooster here (2nd photo far right That I feel is inferior to use on them,  but have just gotten another one from Florida (Tang) that is close to ideal. I’m trying to work away from smut as best I can while using show quality roosters to maintain type while working on color.


Little First generation red bantam Cochin x buff Silkie crosses.

First generation red bantam Cochin x buff Silkie crosses. A few months old. 6/30/17. They look like buff Cochins. I can see this project is going to span many years of work.


 The grow out coops, installed 2016.


April 2017. This is Rosy, I had him shipped up from SC. He’s my red bantam Cochin roo I’m using with my buff Silkies for the first generation crosses. I’ll then cross him back to Tang’s 3/4 Silkie daughters in late 2018.


My buff pullets and roos. April 2016. No eggs out of the girls yet. The beginning of the beginning.


IMG_2933The project begins fall 2016. These eggs are now my buff Silkies, turned out to be 3 hens and 3 roos.

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