NC Nigerian Dwarf Breedings 2016

Five-Points Farm, Indian Trail, NC
Contact me at:
¤ Transport is sometimes available between NC and Michigan.
¤ To our buyers – we greatly appreciate pictures from you, as this is invaluable information for our breeding program.
Pick-up Policy
These are general guidelines that we would appreciate staying within:
¤ Bottle babies need to be picked-up right after disbudding, which is about 1 week for bucks and 2 weeks for does.
¤ Dam raised kids need to be picked up immediately after weaning age, which is typically 3-4 months of age.

¤ Adults need to be picked up within 3 weeks from the day you place a deposit.
¤ If you cannot pick up at this time full payment is due, and $25 per month boarding until you can come get them. If you cannot pay in full after pick-up deadline, you will forfeit your deposit and I will offer the animal to the next in line. This does not apply when there are multiple purchases and transport to iron out.
**Breedings that have not yet taken place are subject to change**
DoeBuckDue dateKids
Twincreeks Top Model (sold)DesertNanny BH Hailstormkidded 1/29/162 bucks 1 doe - buck sold, none available.
Twincreeks Cover GirlDesertnanny BH Hailstormkidded 2/9/162 does 1 buck - all retained
Buttin'Heads Toni MorrisonDesertnanny BH Hailstormkidded 2/13/161 doe - none available
Desertnanny BH Hailstormkidded 2/8/16triplet bucks - none available
Piddlin Acres Saloon Girl (for sale)DesertNanny BH Hailstormkidded Feb2 bucks 1 doe, doe retained - none available
Kush-Hara CheyanneKyeema Ridge EldoradoKidded 2/21/162 bucks 1 doe - bucks sold, doe retained.
SG Buttin'Heads MVY Maszachusetts (Martha)Five-Points T2S Bering SeaKidded 2/8/16buck doe twins - doe retained, none available.
Five-points Berry NDependent
Five-points H Hail Yeahkidded summer 20161 buck 1 doe - none available.
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