2012 Nigerian Chart (Fall)

The Nigerian herd is located in Indian Trail, NC
Contact me at: five-pointsfarm@earthlink.net

Transport is sometimes available between NC and Michigan.
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To our buyers – we greatly appreciate pictures of the udders from the does we have bred, this is invaluable information for our breeding program.


These are general guidelines that we would appreciate staying within:
* Bottle babies need to be picked-up 1-2 weeks for bucks and 3-4 weeks for does.
* Dam raised kids need to be picked up after weaning, which is typically 4 months of age.
* Adults need to be picked up within 3 weeks from the day you place a deposit.
* If you cannot pick up at the above times, full payment is due, and $25 boarding per month until you pick up.
* If you cannot pay in full, you will forfeit your deposit and I will offer the animal to the next in line. This does not apply to multiple purchases and while working out transportation.


Doe Buck Notes Kids
Gotta B Kid N Z Black Beauty
Rosasharn SP Rip Van Winkle GA *S

Owned by Lil Hill
Bred  5/29/12
Due  10/21/12
Kidded 10/22/12
Triplets – 2 bucks 1 doe.None survived
Line breeding on ARMCH Rosasharn Tiger L ++*S E
both prior gestation 146 days.
HBR Born to be Wild
Sold – thank you S & J Hall!
Wooly Dog Down Amarillo
Bred April
Born 9/12/12Does $250
Outcross. Single doe kid. Sold – thank you S & J Hall!
TranquilityAcres Margaret
Doe-Sy-Doe AP Sandstorm Bred  6/12/12
Due  11/4/12
Kidded 11/13/12
Quads-3 does, 1 buck
Line breeding on
ARMCH Goodwood Tom Thumb + *S ‘E
C23 -Gold & white Doe
(sold – S & J H.)

C24- Black & white Doe Available

See Additional photos Here
Shai El Ahura
Doe-Sy-Doe AP Sandstorm Bred  06/29/12
Due  11/21/12
Kidded 11/20/12
Twins- 1 buck, 1 doe
Outcross, first freshener.
Does $250
C25, C26 Buck doe twins.

VT – Sold
buck sold, Thank you S & J Hall!
See Additional photos Here
Enchanted Hill Luecanthemum

Deceased, See LuLu’s page for more information
Doublegate Z Sirius Spots Pen bred.
Due sometime in Nov or Dec.Does $
Bucks $
Lu and her single doe kid died during kidding.
Five-Points Sara Nade Doublegate Z Sirius Spots Bred 8/7
Due 12/31/12
Kidded 12/30/12
Twins- 1 buck, 1 doeDoes $300
Bucks $150-200
Wethers $100

*Bucks not sold by 12 weeks of age will be wethered
Outcross, first freshener.

Possible Traits:
Blue Eyes

C27 Doe – On Hold
Black, minimal white, blue eyes, moonspots
C28 Buck – Available
Cou Clair, minimal white

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VT – doe
PY – doe