2012 Nigerian Chart (Summer)

The Nigerian herd is located in Indian Trail, NC
Contact me at: five-pointsfarm@earthlink.net

Transport is sometimes available between NC and Michigan.
Archived: 2012 LaMancha chart2013 LaMancha chart2014 LaMancha chart & 2015 LaMancha chart
To our buyers – we greatly appreciate pictures of the udders from the does we have bred, this is invaluable information for our breeding program.


These are general guidelines that we would appreciate staying within:
* Bottle babies need to be picked-up 1-2 weeks for bucks and 3-4 weeks for does.
* Dam raised kids need to be picked up after weaning, which is typically 4 months of age.
* Adults need to be picked up within 3 weeks from the day you place a deposit.
* If you cannot pick up at the above times, full payment is due, and $25 boarding per month until you pick up.
* If you cannot pay in full, you will forfeit your deposit and I will offer the animal to the next in line. This does not apply to multiple purchases and while working out transportation.


Blue eyed buck on hold
Born 2/1/12
145 days
FROR bucks- FM
2ndROR-LYMBlue eyed buck
out on lease

Brown eyed buck

Doe retained

Doe Buck Notes Kids
Tranquility Acres

For sale after
Gypsy Moon Slim

Born 3/22
FROR doe – WJ Does: 250-300
Bucks: 150-200

Doe-  Sold
with white
blanket, black spots,
frosted ears & muzzle

Shai El Aruba

sale pending

Doublegate Z
Sirius Spots

Born 4/09
Twin Does
Does $250-300Doe reservation WJmoonspots &
blue eyes possible

Blue eyes  Sold

Blue eyes Sold
Laurel Haven

Wooly Dog Down

Born 4/11
Twin Bucks
Bucks $200Doe LH
Doe JC
Buck LH
Buck SS
polled, moonspots
& blue eyes possible

Moonspots Sold

Moonspots Sold
Rosasharn TL Sundance

Twincreeks Texas
2 Step
Bred 12/19
Due 5/12
kidded 5/19- 152 days
Does $300-$400
Bucks $200-300
1 doe retained
Polled possible
Quads, 3 does 1 buck
all retained

Additional Photos Here
Doublegate Morning

Twincreeks Texas
2 Step
Bred 12/20
Due 5/13
Kidded 5/12
Twin bucks
Buckskin is polled, blue eyes.
Contact for availabilityRed/white buck is disbudded($200).
C13- Polled, blue eyed buck

C14- Buck, Available

Additional Photos Here
OMF Gale

Twincreeks Texas
2 Step
Bred 12/26
Due 5/19
Kidded 5/25
Single doe
Does $300-400
Bucks $200-300
Polled possible
 C19- Doe retained
Additional Photos Here
Phoenix Rising
Summer Sea

Twincreeks Texas
2 Step
Due 5/27
Kidded 5/26
Buck Doe twins
Doe retained
Buck currently on Hold
Does $300-400
Bucks $200-300Polled possible
Linebreeding on
MCH HBF Lucky Strike +S ‘E’
C20-Doe- retained
C21-Buck- retained

Additional Photos Here
Lost Valley KW
Bred 1/28/12
Due 6/26
Kidded 6/22
Single Buck
Will carry the Asylum Hill farm nameDoes: $250
Bucks: $150
Wethers: $100
Asylum Hill SS Tiger Tank owned by BooneDocksWilcox

Pocket Sized Blue Wisteria
 Gypsy Moon Slim Shady

Born 3/26/12
Quad bucks
Day 141
Sold                       Sold


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