NC Nigerian Dwarf Breedings 2018

Five-Points Farm, Indian Trail, NC
Contact me at:
¤ Transport is sometimes available between NC and Michigan.
¤ To our buyers – we greatly appreciate pictures from you, as this is invaluable information for our breeding program.
Pick-up Policy
These are general guidelines that we would appreciate staying within:
¤ Bottle babies need to be picked-up right after disbudding, which is about 1 week for bucks and 2 weeks for does.
¤ Dam raised kids need to be picked up immediately after weaning age, which is typically 3-4 months of age.

¤ Adults need to be picked up within 3 weeks from the day you place a deposit.
¤ If you cannot pick up at this time full payment is due, and $25 per month boarding until you can come get them. If you cannot pay in full after pick-up deadline, you will forfeit your deposit and I will offer the animal to the next in line. This does not apply when there are multiple purchases and transport to iron out.
We are doing very light 2018 breeding, we have several adult goats for sale on the NC Sales Page we need to let go of first.
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2018 Breeding Chart
DoeBuckDue dateKids
Five-Points O Rosy NosyZanzabeez EO Toga Partybred 10/15/17 due 3/9/18. Kidded 3/11/18.
2 buck kids