2015 Nigerian Chart


Five-Points Farm

Indian Trail, NC and Gregory, MI

2015 Nigerian Chart

Five-Points Farm, Indian Trail, NC

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¤ Transport is sometimes available between NC and Michigan.  

¤ To our buyers – we greatly appreciate pictures from you, as this is invaluable information for our breeding program.
Pick-up Policy
These are general guidelines that we would appreciate staying within:

Bottle babies need to be picked-up right after disbudding, which is
about 2 weeks for bucks and 3-4 weeks for does.
¤ Dam raised kids need to be picked up immediately after weaning age, which is typically 3 months of age.

¤ Adults need to be picked up in 3 weeks from the day you place a deposit.¤ If you cannot pick up at
this time full payment is due, and $25 per month boarding until you can come get them.
you cannot pay in full after pick-up deadline, you will forfeit your
deposit and I will offer the animal to the next in line. This does not apply when there are multiple purchases and transport to iron out.

¤ Archived breeding charts: 2014, 2013.

**Breedings that have not yet taken place are subject to change**


 Doe  Buck Notes  Kids
CH Wood Bridge Too Love Potion #9
Five-Points AL New Sense
kidded 2/17/15, twin does. Lovely dairy character from both sides in this breeding. kidded 2/17/15, twin does. Available.
Tranquility Acres Margaret
Dragonfly American Legend (Hero)
Kidded 3/15, single doe.  Strong line breeding on Tom Thumb. Margaret has a capacious collapsible udder, excellent rear width, body capacity and dairy strength. Hero brings length of body and snug udder genetics. Both have a mellow temperament.
Last kidded 11/13/12 quads.
Kidded 3/15
Single doe retained.

SG Buttin’Heads MVY Maszachusetts


Five-Points T2S Bering Sea
Bred 12/15, due May. Martha has very good body capacity, dairy strength and mammary system. BS  brings in TX Twincreeks lines and flat, clean bone structure. Light line breeding on Goodwood Tom Thumb and Goodwood Water Lilly. Polled possible.
Last kidded 2/20/14 trips.
Kidded 5/10, buck doe twins.  Retaining doe.
Twincreeks Freesia
Five-Points Bering Sea
Put in breeding pen 12/14. Light line breeding on Pecanhollow Willy’s Dance Fever. Polled possible. Last kidded early 2014, I think twins. Kidded 6/4, twin bucks, available.
Buttin’Heads Diamond Nicklace
Flat Rocks HP Picasso


Bred 2/21/15, outcross. Polled possible. Last kidded 9/18/14 quads. Kidded 7/15 day 144, single doe, polled, retained.

Five-Points Pancetta Five-Points AL New Sense Bred 2/22/15 Kidded July, triplets, 2 bucks 1 doe.
Shai El Ahura
Flat Rocks HP Picasso Bred February Kidded July 22 buck doe twins
Old Mountain Farm Gale
Wooly Dog Down Earl Grey
Bred 2/22/15. Polled possible. Last kidded 2/7/14 quints. Due 7/17 and already (early June) looks like she is carrying another adult goat in there, definitely confirmed bred.   . Kidded 7/25. Twin buck(wethers). 
Buttin’Heads Tied Up In Ribbon (Tidy) *M
*B DesertNanny BH Hailstorm
blue eyes
Put in breeding pen 3/22.Tidy brings wide snug udder attachment with large teats under a nice rump, and Hailstorm contributes length of body and improved milk production. Light Baywatch line breeding, blue eyes possible. Buck kids will be *S.
Last kidded 2/8/14 twin bucks.
Buck doe twins born 10/7/15.
Wood Bridge Edge of Glory (eegee)
TX Twincreeks Edge of Twilight
Bred 2/21/15. Light Baywatch line breeding. Last kidded 4/4/14. Confirmed bred, due 7/16. Kidded 7/15 triplet does. 
Kush-Hara Cheyenne
TX Twincreeks Edge of Twilight
Bred 2/21/15, outcross. Last kidded 2/6/14, triplets, kidded very easily. This is Chey’s last kidding. Unsure if bred, due 7/16.

Exceptional body length and rear leg set from Twilight, stellar dairy character from Cheyenne. Super excited.

Kidded 7/19, single buck kid.
Five-Points AL Mimi Labonq
Wooly Dog Down Earl Grey
First freshener. Went in breeding pen 2/22/15.  Polled possible. kidded 7/23 single polled buck(wether) kid.
Five-Points Hello Kitty
Five-Points AL Papa Legba
Bred 3/5. Will be first freshener. Polled possible. Confirmed bred, due 7/28. kidded 7/25, twin bucks.
Five-Points T2S Sassafras Sea


Five-Points AL Papa Legba
Bred, unk date, confirmed bred. First freshener. Polled possible. Kidded 7/26, buck doe twins.
Five-Points Roibee Red
Five-Points AL Papa Legba
Bred 2/28, confirmed bred, due 7/23. Will be first freshener.  kidded 7/25, single doe.
Five-Points Sara Nade
Five-Points AL New Sense
Bred 2/22/15, confirmed bred, due 7/17. Last kidded 4/16/14, twins. Line breeding on Kush-Hara Cheyenne. Moonspots possible. Kidded 7/17, twin does, one breech doa, one survivor.
Five Points GL Marsala

Five-Points AL New Sense
Went in buck pen 2/22. first freshener kidded 7/23,buck doe twins, doe has wattles! hehehehe
Five-Points Sirius Intrique (blueberry)
Blue eyes, moonspots.
Flat Rocks HP Picasso
Put in pen 2/22, confirmed bred, due 7/17, tall strong doe, Picasso adds body length and flat bones. Blue eyes, polled and moonspots possible.  

Blueberry last kidded 6/29/13.

Kidded 7/23/15 triplets, 2 does, 1 buck. One doe d.o.a.

resv – LG for a doe, prefer polled. retaining a doe.

NC PromisedLand PAL Palau
TX Twincreeks Edge of Twilight
Put in breeding pen 2/21, Last kidded 9/25/14 triplet bucks. Two years in a row bucks only for Palau, think pink. Kidded 7/30


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