NC Nigerian Dwarf Does

Our Nigerian Dwarf does in order by age.

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Kush-Hara Cheyenne


Kush-Hara Cheyenne.  Born 9/17/2003.  (Wooly Dog down Regent Skipper+*S x Kush-Hara Maggie 2*D AR)  Cheyenne’s page   ADGA & AGS. Retired.


Tranquility Acres Margaret

DSCN1765 IMG_1427

Tranquility Acres Margaret. Born 02/24/2008.
(Corner Stone Farm Yoel x Rosasharn’s B’Uddr-Nut 3*D)  Margaret’s page ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤

CH Wood Bridge Too Love Potion #9 VVVE 88


CH Wood Bridge Too Love Potion #9 VVVE 88. Born 3/10/09. (GCH PromisedLand Palbo Abednego*B x Legacy’s MS Miss Congeniality)  Picture when she arrived that day.  Available for $400
Love Potion’s page

Buttin’Heads Tied Up in Ribbon 2*M


Buttin’Heads Tied Up in Ribbon 2*M. Born 4/30/09. (Legacy’s Beltane Bonfire x GCH Buttin’Heads Zipper Pea*M)   Tidy’s page. Photo credit Buttin’Heads Farm.   Available for $350

TX Twincreeks G Freesia


 Twincreeks G Freesia. born 4/4/10

(Piddlin Acres BD Gensing x TX Twincreeks MAV Sorcha) Freesia’s page Available for $450


Piddlin Acre’s Saloon Girl

SaloonGirl  IMG_1350

Piddlin Acre’s Saloon Girl. Born 04/04/2010. (Piddlin Acres Rick O’Shay x TX Twincreeks MAV Sorcha)
Saloon Girl’s page Available $300.

Shai El Ahura


Shai El Ahura. Born 11/24/10. (Doubletree Zaint Thomas x Kush-Hara Rhianon Patches)  Flea’s page Available for $350.

Wood Bridge Farm Beezus
Wood Bridge Farm Beezus. Born 2/2/11.
(CH Rosasharn UMT Pippin x CH Wood Bridge Farm X E Lexey)  Beezus’ page soon
 Buttin’Heads Diamond Nicklace
Buttin’Heads Diamond Nicklace Born 2/26/11.
(Buttin’ Heads Nickelodeon x GCH Buttin’ Heads Proudite *M)Diamond’s page
SG Buttin’Heads MVY Maszachusetts
SG Buttin’Heads MVY Maszachusetts. Born 3/30/2011.

(Wood Bridge Farm ABE Zacuto x SGCH Buttin’Heads Shapinsay *M)  Martha’s page

 TX Twincreeks  Cover Girl
TX Twincreeks  Cover Girl. born 8/29/11.
Piddlin Acres BD Gensing x TX Twincreeks SB Lunazul 
Five-Points Sirius Intrigue
Five-Points Sirius Intrigue Born February 1, 2012.
(Doublegate Z Sirius Spots x Kush-Hara Cheyenne)
Blueberry’s page

Five-Points T2S Hello Kitty (polled)


Five-Points T2S Hello Kitty
(TX Twincreeks WDF Texas 2 Step *S x Rosasharn TL Sun Dance) Born 5/19/12, polled. Kitty is retired from breeding. Kitty’s page

Five-Points Panini & Pancetta
IMG_1404  DSCN9998-1
Five-Points Pancetta & Panini Sisters born 2/18/13.
(Buttin’Heads Pan Pipes x Buttin’Heads Diamond Nicklace)  Pancetta’s page. Panini’s page. Panini available $400.
Five-Points GL Marsala
Five-Points GL Marsala Born 3/7/13.(Flat Rock’s Gem’s Legacy x Rosasharn GF Marsanne Noir) Marsala’s page.


Five-Points PL Marie Laveau  (aka Q-Tip)

Born 7/26/15, polled. (Five-Points AL Papa Legba x Five-Points T2S Sassafras Sea) Q-tip’s page


Our junior Nigerian Dwarf does.


Five-Points P Shai El


Five-Points P Shai El (Flat Rocks HP Picasso x Shai El Ahura) Born 2/6/14, polled. Shai El’s page  ⊕⊕⊕⊕⊕⊕⊕⊕⊕⊕⊕⊕⊕⊕⊕⊕⊕⊕⊕⊕⊕⊕⊕⊕⊕⊕⊕⊕⊕⊕⊕⊕

Five-Points KB Piccolo  (available)


Five-Points KB Piccolo (Rosasharn Kit’s Bounty x Five-Points Sara Nade) Born 4/16/14. Available for sale, $250 with registration application and $200 unregistered. Not tame.  Piccolo’s page.


Five-Points P (Wisteria’s daughter)  (available)

IMG_1388Five-Points P (Wisteria’s daughter) (Flat Rocks HP Picasso x Pocket Sized DD Blue Wisteria) Born 5/12/14, blue eyes.  Available for sale, $300 with ADGA registration application and $200 without, also can be made available as a pair with her dam – Wisteria. Wisteria’s daughter’s page.


Five-Points AL (Margaret’s daughter)


Five-Points AL (Margaret’s daughter) (Dragonfly A American Legend x Tranquility Acres Margaret) Born 3/15/15. Her page


Five-Points BS Martha’s Vnyd

DSCN1971Born 5/10/15  (Five-Points T2S Bering Sea x SG Buttin’Heads MVY Maszachusetts).  Vinny’s page


Five-Points P Berry Ndependent

DSCN1453 (2)

Five-Points P Berry Ndependent (Flat Rocks HP Picasso x Five-Points Sirius Intrigue) Born 7/23/15. Berry’s page


Five-Points Hail Mary

DSCN1994 (2)

Five-Points Hail Mary (DesertNanny BH Hailstorm *B x Buttin’Heads Tied Up In Ribbon *M) Born 10/7/15.


Five-Points E (Science Monkey)


Five-Points E (Science Monkey) (Kyeema Ridge Eldorado x Kush-Hara Cheyenne) Born 3/21/16.


 Five-Points Maya Clementine (polled), and Five-Points Kwan Yin Valencia

IMG_0080 (2) IMG_0370
The Buddha babies: (Kyeema Ridge Eldorado x Five-Points T2S Hello Kitty) Born 3/23/16, one polled.


Five-Points Farm

Indian Trail, NC & Gregory, MI

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