Goats are very attached to their family units and herds. The cycle they go through moving from home to home is a painful experience for them every time, however we all have to do it to keep our numbers down. We think if you are going to captain a goat boat, you need a few boat anchors. Here are our old anchors that won’t be moved around any more, they have earned a peaceful retirement with family bonds that won’t be broken again.

Lost Valley KW Wild Fire
fireside side4
 Born 2/28/03. (Gay-Mor’s RA Kingwood ++*S x ARMCH Lost Valley Sade 2*M 2*D)  This orange old coot is retired! She is spry and shows no signs of slowing down. Here to keep the peace, she loves her herd and family in NC.
Kush-Hara Cheyenne

Cheyenne at 9 years old.  Born 9/17/2003. (Wooly Dog down Regent Skipper+*S x Kush-Hara Maggie 2*D AR) Cheyenne came to us from Tuscumbia, AL, in July 2011.  She is tough as nails, now at 13 years old she has never had a kidding issue, has good worm resistance, excellent mothering ability and produces very strong kids. She has an udder that has defied gravity into old age, never had mastitis or any other health issues. She is a granddaughter of Gay-Mor Kingpin’s Lacewing 4*D ‘E’. Cheyenne is an outcross, AGS and ADGA registered, a mixed pattern Swiss-marked and cou clair.

Pocket Sized DD Blue Wisteria
DSCN1952 DSCN4605
Born 5/26/2006. (Bresett Dogwood Domino x Pocket Sized NN Blue Rosebud)  She is young to be retired at 10, but has half an udder, so we decided it’s easier to just let her live out her years here. The pasture would be boring without her, she is a nut. She has one buckskin knee showing, with a complete white overlay.   Wisteria’s page.

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Five-Points Farm located in Indian Trail, NC

Five-Points North located in Gregory, MI