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Updated October 2022

Sales Policy

We are located in Indian Trail, NC, outside of Charlotte.  You may find national transportation in Facebook transport groups, we don’t usually travel out of state.

Email me at

Or message me through our Facebook page Five-Points Farm – Indian Trail, NC

We strive for hardy, worm resistant goats that milk well and kid easily, while being mindful of the breed standards. I breed for what I like to look at – balanced dairy character, so the does can compete in the show ring, or be a productive member of a home dairy. I love a beautiful goat with a little bling, but I am breeding for more than just lawn ornaments and we have brought in some respectable genetics at great expense to enrich our herd. If you have questions please don’t hesitate to email us or message us on FB.

Mobile friendly breeding plans:

Nigerian Dwarf (pricing is subject to change)

Kids available currently:

Five-Points P Shai El x Fury buck kid born 6/6/22, available as non registered buck, or for a brush herd, or for a companion for a similar age buck kid. $150 Red, white, blue eyes, friendly!!

Bred, confirmed settled:

Lolla x Fur Does $350-450 wethers $150, due November

Rosey x papa due Nov 19. Does $350-$400, wethers $150.

Monkey x H8des (pen breeding, mid-late Aug)

Mary x Papa, due december. Does $350-450 wethers $150

Not confirmed settled:

Indy x H8des bred 9/18

CC x H8des possibly 9/18

Cover Girl x Fur due Dec 10, reservations available. Lines are Twincreeks and DesertNanny. Blue eyes possible. Retaining a doe or two. Does $450+, bucks $350.

Haily Berry x H8des 9/18 Does $350-450, wethers $150. 9/24 9/26 buff

Tilta x H8des 9/24

Loony x Buff 9/26. Does $350-450 wethers $150

Mish x Buff 9/25

Martha x H8des due January. Not confirmed bred yet. Reservations full unless there are multiple buck kids. If any available, Does $550 bucks $400.

Mary x Papa, pen bred, probably due december. Does $350-450 wethers $150 not bred yet

Oct 21 Pman x BB jumped fence

Not yet bred:

Marsala $450+ not bred yet

Poot x ?

Snickers (mini-mancha, kids are not registerable) x ?

last years breedings, Sold or retained

Monkey x Fury, 2 bucks born 2/11, $150, both sold.

Pan x Papa, bred 11/12/21. Confirmed bred. Lines on this breeding are Buttn’Heads, Fairlea and Woodbridge. Kidded 4/7 single buck kid. Probably retained.

Indy x H2O, bred 11/21/21. Confirmed bred. Lines on this breeding are DesertNanny, Doublegate, Twincreeks, Buttn’Heads. kidded 4/20/22 no kids availalbe.

Blueberry x Fury 2/19/22 Kidded July, triplets, no kids available.

LaMancha breeding plans… Appears our buck is sterile so next kiddings will be 2023.