Farm Updates & Announcements

Here you will find farm news and updates, comments about when I add or subtract goats, or just whatever is going on.

9/15/17 We welcome a temporary guest here at the MI farm until he goes home in early Nov to his new mommy in SC. Zanzabeez EO Toga Party, polled buck, the lucky duck getting him is Fran at Wooly Dog Down Farm in Easley, SC.

9/11/17. Well shit. Darjeeling has come down with listeriosis. It’s now the 14th and she is still down paralyzed and I’m still working on her very hard. I’ve only had one case of this before and I lost the battle. If I save her I’ll post the protocol I followed on this page and the farm facebook page.

9/6/17 Added a new polled buck to the herd, Kyeema Ridge Archer! I am VERY happy with him, he’s a long bodied dairy boy. Yipee!

9/2/17 – updated Esther’s and Q-tip’s pages with their barn milk records, for what they are worth.

8/22/17 – Both in NC and MI we have great quality animals for sale. Please see the NC Sales page and the MI Farm page. Discounts for multiple purchases, and we are very favorable to selling does in pair to make their transition easier – will start advertising when the does kid in the fall.

8/13/17 Four goats that we sold this spring were returned to us: Rooibee, Irma, Rose, and Hail. This puts me at 17 goats when my goal is 5-6. Please watch our sales section on the Michigan Farm page as soon as some of these does kid in the fall.

8/3/17 Created page Michigan Farm Sire Lines.

7/29/17 from the main Michigan page, you will be able to go to each goat’s individual page and see the ADGA pedigree pasted into the page.

7/16/17 My husband was in a major motorcycle accident, was in critical condition and is still in long term care (as of 7/29). I will need to sell some goats so watch the sales page on the Michigan farm page. Working slowly toward getting down to about half population.

7/11/16 Added Darjeeling and Oolong to the Michigan page, will be for sale in the future as a mother daughter pair once they kid in the fall.

6/30/17 added a few pictures to my red Silkie project page.

6/28/17 We put a deposit down on this nice little linebred buck, Shere Country ST Albert, who will be joining the MI farm in Oct!

6/19/17 Check out or Facebook page for photos and video clips.

6/17/17 In MI, Five-Points P Pickpocket is due with Sept kids. I’m adding links to short video clips on the MI doe page. In the last month have updated some photos of the MI goats also. We’ve decided to put off a goat exchange between the NC and MI farms until fall 2017 when things cool off. Boom is looking beautiful and slicked out now.

3/14/17  Day 2 of Boom’s surgery, her other side has been finished and I can pick her up at 3pm today. The dr said she got some “monster chunks of teeth” out of Boom, she’s going to feel soooo much better! She’s got a shot of Nuflor on board, and the doctor is sending home meloxicam for me to give orally starting tonight to help with pain. I’ve been instructed to watch her closely, and you can bet I will be, this goat is going to be a whopper of a financial investment. – And she’s home. Bill was $465, not as much as I had feared. Welcome home Boom – time to gain about 40-50lbs!!!

An aside. I’m seeing so many people complain about all their kidding issues. This is why if I am not giving grain, but giving only good hay, loose mineral and vitamins, and still have a doe with kidding issues, I cull her. I can see issues arising from overfeeding grain and fat does, I can see issues from using a buck that is too large. Those are things you caused. But if nutritional and sire factors are not to blame, then maybe the doe is too narrow, too short boddied, or other genetic issues.  I personally wouldn’t keep propagating those genes in my herd, but some people just keep breeding the same doe over and over. Sorry, stepping off soap box.

3/13/17 –BoomBoom update: she was sedated long enough to pull the broken teeth out of the front, and file down some hooks and sharp things on one side of her mouth back in the molars. The dr didn’t want to keep her under any longer, So boom will stay overnight and the doctor will put her under again and do that other back side. Said that the hooks and ramps were digging into the opposite side so it must have been terrible to try to eat. Getting the other side filed down should put her back to normal. The dr said she could not see missing molars and believes it was just these big sharp edges. I asked could she tell what caused it, she said she doesn’t know. Could be genetic, could be nutritional, wasn’t injury. No Boom’s big bug eyes looking at me here tonight! 🙁

3/12/17Dental surgery for Boom tomorrow morning, she’ll start fasting 10 tonight. I drop her off 10am tomorrow, updates when I know something.

Have a pair of kids with the shits, been treating with Baycox. Today I disolved 2 of my probiotic gummies in water and syringed that to the kids, to replenish the good gut bacteria.

3/9/17 – BoomBoom update (continued from 2/18 when we repossessed Boom for non-payment) Got word from my vet that Boom is Johne’s and CAE negative. She is now allowed out of quarantine and can enjoy grazing with the other does. Now we move on with dental surgery, she has an appointment on Monday to see what exactly is going on that is making her eat so slowly and preventing her from eating hay or swallowing a cud.

Both my disbudded kids have the squirts, as usual, only the disbudded kids have a bout of coccidiosis, while the polled kids have nothing going on. This happens every disbudding. I guess I’m going to start treating with Baycox prophylactically after disbudding. Disbudding temporarily negatively affects growth. We do it because it is forced on us by the registry – if you want to show, you can’t have horns. Therefore the value of the animal and the quality of any future home for it is tied to horns. This is why I concentrate on polled goats. I’m moving toward an entirely polled herd.

3/8/17 Q-tip and Esther are milking well:  Five-Points Farm q-tip (Five-Points Farm AL Papa Legba x Five-Points T2S Sassafras Sea) First freshener, overnight fill, 1.44lbs, DIM 37. Wooly Dog Down Esther Rose, 2nd freshener (Wood Bridge Farm Creighton x Alpenglade Farm Calico Rose) Overnight fill, 2.25lbs, DIM 27.

3/3/17 we lost a good friend today that helped us out at the NC farm, Rick Meismer. He was such a gentle, good person, one of those rare few people that no one had a bad word to say about.

3/1/17 Sold a LaMancha doe, LaMancha buck, and two (make that 3!) Nigerian Dwarf does to a wonderful new home – yay!!!

2/28/17 -BoomBoom update (continued from 2/18 when we repossessed Boom for non-payment)  I got back from NC last night with Boom, and we went to the vet today. She is getting some pink back in her eyelid membrane, and I’m giving her iron supplement to boost recovery from anemia. Kristin wormed her the day she got her, the 19th, so good progress in just one week, she used 2 classes at once because the membrane color was so dead white. Vet pulled blood for Johne’s and CAE and took a fecal. Had a look in her mouth, found broken front teeth, and we’ll have to come back after the lab results are back and sedate her to see what is going on in the back teeth. Boom is filled with life, interest, and fire. She’s going to be fine if those labs come back alright. More later.


BoomBoom returns home. (SGM The Queen’s Bloomers) Boom left on a doe-back contract in 2013, and we never received a doe kid, and we never received payment for her, so we repossessed Boom today, and what a mess she is. She is not the hefty lively first freshener that left us, she’s coming back missing teeth and was never seen by a vet for this. She can’t chew a cud but they were only giving her hay so her weight is shockingly low, they let her miscarry in January. So we wormed her immediately, gave her pelleted feed – which wonder of wonders, she can eat just fine, she just can’t process long fibers requiring cud chewing. They were simply not feeding her the food she could process.  She is in NC, I’ll be picking her up next weekend, 2/25/17 and bring her back to MI. We’ll get her checked out by a vet, get her labwork redone. Today I also updated the Nigerian Dwarf jr doe page to reflect the most current goats owned.

2/10/17 Wooly Dog Down Esther freshened with triplets, one doe kid polled.

1/30/17 Five-Points PL (q-tip) freshened with polled twins, with a big productive udder.

Jan 2017, MI farm sold 6 goats to Halcyon Hill Farm in Hillsdale, MI, for health reasons that have recently happened. I have to keep a much smaller herd from now on.

Dec 2016 our retired doe, Lost Valley KW Wild Fire, died at age 14.

Fall 2016 Lost our old website because GoDaddy changed formats and then wanted to charge us to update our site we were already paying a hell of a lot for. Buh-bye “Slow-Daddy”.

April 2015, Opened the farm in MI, and in May brought up a herd from my sister’s farm in NC.

2003 The Five-Points Farm in Indian Trail, NC was established.