Pocket Sized DD Blue Wisteria


5/26/2006 – 3/3/17

Photo credit to Laurel Haven of a young. Born 5/26/2006, we love Wisteria for her length of body, and her Gay-Mor lines that tie her into our herd; she is linebred on Gay-Mor T Blue Looney Tunes +*S and  MCH Piddlin Acres Blue Thunder +*S. 

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Photo on left of her working side – March 2012, one week fresh, probably 6th freshening. When we bought Wisteria we discovered she had healed from untreated mastitis, so she has a non-functioning udder half. Right photo credit to Hollow Bead Ranch before she lost half her udder, I don’t know what freshening, etc. Large teat and orifice, excellent capacity, collapsible, a solid dairy goat – even if it is just on one side. She has easily raised twins on that one udder half.  


 Wisteria’s Pedigree:
We knew very little about Wisteria’s ancestors, so we were thrilled to receive an email from Cathy at Cary On Acres in NJ with most of the photos you see in Wisteria’s pedigree, and names of missing ancestors – many blanks were filled in and we cannot thank you enough Cathy!


Pocket Sized DD Blue Wisteria

sire's sire: Gay-Mor's LT Blu Nearlynaughty *SSire's grandsire: Gay-Mor's T Blue Looney Tunes +*S
Sire: Bresett Dogwood Domino
Sire's granddam: Gay-Mor's LR Blue Mocha *D
sire's dam: MCH Little Sleepy H CocoSire's grandsire: Gay-Mor's Ad Lib's Libation
Sire's granddam: Gay-Mor's KK Krismas Karol
Dam's sire: Gay-Mor's LT Blue Nick Nolte +*Sdam's grand sire: Gay-Mor's T Blue Looney Tunes +*S
dam: Pocket Sized NN Blue Rosebud
dam's grand dam: Munchranch East Nellie Bakata *D
Dam's dam: Pocket Sized KB Nettle *D
great grand sire: Pocket Sized Arizona Kowboy

great grand dam: Talon's Lolita Langtree Kaljoe