Five-Points O Nosey Rosey

Born 1/30/17. (DesertNanny S Onaway *B x Five-Points PL Marie Laveau) Chunky shorty, red and white, polled. Easy keeper, trouble free and low maintenance girl with a great temperament. She’s a good mother, holds a lactation very well, generous milker, certainly top tier homesteader material. Pedigree.


This pic isn’t fair to Rosey but gives a guess to capacity. She is a first freshener in this pic, was 2 months fresh with 2 kids on her and never been milked, 24 hr fill (needed longer fill time but we needed the stall), produced 2 cups. Soft udder texture, fast milking orifices, holds a long lactation.

Below, udders behind Rosey, dam’s ff udder and sire’s dam’s ff udder.

Dam’s first freshening udder
Sire’s dam’s udder, photo credit to Sharon Warren of DesertNanny Nigerian Dwarf Goats in AZ.


Rosey’s pedigree