Kush-Hara Cheyenne

75325664d9e74bc09bd8ba674abdd3d3 Cheyenne at 9 years old.

9/17/2003-2019. Cheyenne came to us from Tuscumbia, AL, in July 2011. Although she was not perfect, she had many qualities we feel are invaluable to our herd. She is tough as nails, she lived to be 16 years old and she never had a kidding issue her entire long life. She had excellent worm resistance, excellent mothering ability and produced very strong kids. She has an udder that defied gravity into old age, never had mastitis or any other health issues. She was a granddaughter of Gay-Mor Kingpin’s Lacewing 4*D ‘E’. Cheyenne was a mixed pattern Swiss-marked and cou clair. She was AGS, and ADGA registered but never updated in the system, so below is her pedigree.
1-7udder 2014 cheyenne rear fall 2011


Cheyenne’s sire’s and dam’s pedigrees

Cheyenne’s pedigree



Cheyenne in the ring at age 9.


Show Record
10/1/2012 1st place Over 5 yr Milker, Cleveland Co Fair. Commended  for her level top-line.



Kush-Hara Cheyenne

sire's sire: Gay-Mor's LT Blue Nash Bridges +*Sgreat grand sire: Gay-Mor's T Blue Loony Tunes +*S
Sire: Wooly Dog down Regent Skipper+*Sgreat grand dam: Munchranch East Nellie Bakata *D
sire's dam: Gay-Mor's Kingpin's Lacewing 4*D AR 'E'great grand sire: Gay-Mor's AL's Vanilla Kingpin *S
great grand dam: Gay-Mor's Kneehi Toa Grashopper 3*D
Dam's sire: Enchanted Hill O'Leary +Sgreat grand sire: Karim's Little Owl
dam: Kush-Hara Maggie 2*D ARgreat grand dam: nchanted Hill Leprechaun
Dam's dam: Sides Cinnamon Bun *D ARgreat grand sire: Sol-Orr's Nathan T Riggins
great grand dam: Sol-Orr's Cinnamon Cindy